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Why a Home Inspection is Important


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Inspect to Protect - "We Take a Closer Look"

Welcome to Inspect to Protect. My name is Mark Clark and I formed Inspect to Protect to help potential home owners, through the new home purchasing process. My twenty years of construction experience combined with my degree in Construction Technology will give you piece of mind on your inspection. All houses have certain issues, but in most cases they can be resolved with minor repairs in an orderly fashion. Also I will be able to provide insight on your house and it’s up coming needs.

A professional home inspection will lessen your anxieties of your new home purchase. You will learn about your home inside and out. Before you sign the dotted line you will know about some of the repairs that your home may need. Inspect to protect will provide you protection of any major problems and could save you from a disaster purchase. Give your family the sense of security that a professional home inspection can provide. Inspect your home to protect your family.

A home inspection may seem as an added cost of buying a home, but the value will out way the costs. I will provide you with personal service before and after the inspection. Please feel free to call or email me and we can address your concerns. Also we can inspect just your concerns.

Inspect to Protect serves the Western New York area in the following counties: Wyoming, Genesee, Erie, and Monroe.

For more information about my services, and why a home inspection is important, please call us on (585) 409-6863, or email me at